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A Stone's Throw Away

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A Stone's Throw Away

Welcome to A Stone’s Throw Away, a historic bed and breakfast tucked into the hills of Nassau, where visitors can see the sky kiss the sparkling sea. Escape into a restorative paradise that centers Caribbean culture and local traditions of hospitality with lush garden escapes and stunning tropical views.

Steeped in Culture

Our gorgeous bed and breakfast is built in the traditional architectural style of the islands; with dark wood floors and ceilings, colonial architecture, large patios that are perfect for reposing on, and lush gardens bursting with colorful blooms and tropical wildlife. Experience Caribbean culture like no other by stepping back into simpler times within our cool and inviting walls.

Relax and Unwind

On a hill high above the rest of Nassau, escape the hustle and bustle of big, crowded resorts and instead find relaxation in our private residence, which has just ten special rooms for our guests. Our private balconies and verandas are furnished with comfortable chairs and sofas to nestle yourself into, and our resort also has a private pool and waterfall that is located within a lush and beautiful garden. We prioritize a laid back lifestyle that puts slowing down at the forefront of all your vacation plans.

A New Perspective

Our resort is intended to help our guests unwind and relax. We command an unforgettable view of the sparkling blue sea below our property, and high limestone walls that offer privacy and quiet for your entire stay. The cheerful gurgle of our pool and fountain will soothe away the stresses of daily life, while our traditional Indian restaurant will nourish your soul with delicious, healthy meals. Above it all, we offer all those who stay with us a bird’s eye view of paradise.

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