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A Step Through Time....

A Stone’s Throw Away is a modern hotel that takes inspiration from the long and colorful history of the Bahamas. We officially opened our doors on December 7th, 2004. The original builders of the hotel were inspired by the classic Caribbean architectural style; with wide verandas, natural wood touches, shuttered windows, and cool, dark interiors. The decor is a homage to the history of the island, with historical photos of Nassau scattered throughout. In our garden, discover lush landscapes of native plants and flowers in addition to wild birds, butterflies, and adorable geckos. As you enter, you will see the large walls of natural limestone and coral that our property sits on, as well as the stone steps that have existed since the colonial era, and may well be over two hundred years old.

What's in a Name?

Rather than choose something vague or impersonal, we chose to name our little piece of heaven “A Stone’s Throw Away” because of its proximity to the airport for weary travelers to come to easily and quickly, as well as how close it is to the beach. Whatever direction you look in, respite and relaxation is only a stone’s throw away.

Our Ethos:

We have seven full-time staff employed at A Stone’s Throw Away, including 24-hour front desk staff and a groundskeeper who lives onsite. Our staff are experts in hospitality and represent the best of Bahamian culture and identity. Our two chefs who operate the Bombay Cafe are from India, and prepare dishes for our restaurant with hundreds of years of tradition behind them. We prioritize supporting local tour companies and sustainable practices as our island is small, beautiful, and fragile. It is part of our tradition to offer the best in hospitality in Nassau while also paying homage to our cultural roots and identities.